CHAPTER 3 – Something change



Jinyoung starts wondering if Mark hates him.

Because everybody around him easily likes him; his mom, his fellows and, the latest, his soccer team members. They are bought by Mark’s kind personality, jokes and a lot of snacks consecutively. That boy steals all the love that used to be his. Jinyoung finds out that everyone has been on Mark’s side already. He usually gets complained by them that he still doesn’t accept Mark’s love.

Huh! Don’t they see a beast inside him?

“Hey, Jinyoung! no practice today?” Jaebum who has just finished his class asks while sitting down opposite.

Jinyoung puts his phone down and shakes his head “Rest. Coach goes to Beijing for a week.”

The chic guy nods, then wonders “but why you’re still at faculty?”

“Jerk, any problem that I’m still sitting at my own faculty? Weirdo.”

Jaebum smirks “Lately if you are not at the club, then with Mark hyung. Like we don’t hang out for life.”


Jinyoung rethinks what his friend just said and figures out that throughout a previous month he’s been spending a time with Mark every day like Jaebum told. Although he doesn’t agree, Mark still takes him to everywhere; seeing movies, listening to music, having 3 meals together, going to a library, chilling out and buying a puppy. They’ve done whatever the other couple did. However, Jinyoung never accepts that Mark is his lover. Because deep down inside his mind, he knows that it is not right. For him, a guy can’t date each other.

We are just a stranger that the world accidentally turns us to meet.

From hello to goodbye. There’s no any last long relation like a drama novel. Jinyoung just awaits the time that Mark will be bored and walk away.

Junhoe used to say in their latest party that Jinyoung put Mark in the ‘kissable close friend’ point – didn’t let other come closer hence he hasn’t opened his mind, yet. But still treated him more than ‘close friend’ status – Jinyoung tried to refuse, but when Junhoe leaned to kiss him, he suddenly kicked his friend away.

At that moment, he already realised what a friend had tried to explain.

Mark is in the pretty special status.

Jinyoung never hated his lips even though he never willingly kissed him, but in the end, he still agreed to another boy – and lately he started kissing him back tough, Jinyoung wanted to kill himself every time when he’d thought about this – He even let Mark go inside his own room. Mark completely destroyed every wall which he’d built for protecting himself from the strangers and has become his new comfort zone. Jinyoung didn’t even know since when it started to be like this.

“He seems to know that we’re talking behind. Hey! Mark hyung!” Jaebum snickers, his voice cuts his mind off. Lately, he gets lose in his own self easily, thinking about the boy who coming straight this way. Mark is so obvious. He lost a lot of fans since he’d chosen to stick with him.

“Don’t you have class today?” The boy asks, ruffing his hair softly. His eyes always make his heart fluttering.

“Yeah. It was cancelled.”

“Hungry yet? Let’s have something.”

“I want sashimi.”

“Sure. Whatever you want.”

Jaebum glares ah of them who reject they are in a relationship with annoy. Can’t stop himself from teasing. “Since when you become this sweet huh?”

Jinyoung immediately turns his head to his direction “What’s wrong idiot?”

“Mark hyung, do you have any good medicine? Suggest me please. I want this jerk to be kind to me like he’s done to you. His words aren’t as beautiful as his face.”

Mark chuckles, looking in Jinyoung’s eyes. He smirks before answering the thing that Jinyoung only knows the hidden message. “Nothing. Just make him feel intimate.”

Mark is a truly beast. Will you believe me now!?

“Mama isn’t at home today. It’s okay, just leave me here.” Jinyoung murmurs when the luxury car stops by his house.

Mark raises his brows. “Where is she?”

“Have a trip with housewives association in Japan.” He emotionless replies.

“So you are alone tonight?”

“Yeah.” Jinyoung accepts before notices the tricky tint in other’s eyes. “Stop! I know what you are thinking now. Never.”

“Think what?” Mark refuses, voice high. “If Coco feels good today? Ahh~ I’m missing her by now. Better go seeing her inside.”

Eventually, Mark uses Coco as his excuse to go inside Jinyoung’s home. Jinyoung sigh then follows. Coco happily barks when she sees them both. Mark had bought this puppy 2 months ago and asked his mom to look after this cutie for him with the reason: ‘I want to raise him on my own, but my condominium doesn’t allow. Could you please take care of her, Mama?’. Of course she does. Why don’t? She loves this boy a lot. Love Mark loves his dog, geez.

‘Mama won’t be lonely from now on. When Jinyoung isn’t home you still have Coco to play with. Look at her ears, doesn’t she look like our Jinyoungie?’

Weirdo. He knows all the behind reasons why that boy does like this. But since when Mama looks much happier, he can’t complain anything. Somehow it feels good to have this puppy here tough.

“Cocoooo~” Mark is looking like the 14 years old boy when he plays with a pet. His smile is so bright and giving Jinyoung a heart attack a bit.

“Go back to your home,” Jinyoung mutters when the clock on the wall shows that it’s about 10 P.M. now.

Mark shrugs. “Nope. I will sleep here tonight. Mama invites me last time.”

“But she didn’t this time. Nobody asks you to stay.”

“Don’t you know,” He smirks, give a gaze to the little puppy in his hands. “Coco want me to. Want daddy to sleep with you, right baby? Then ask mama for daddy please.”

Jinyoung chuckles a bit. “Your baby is a dog? wow.”

“Just for now, until we make our own baby. Let’s do it, Jinyoungie.”

His whole body is about to explode since the heat is burning inside. Jinyoung can feel his heart is fluttering crazily against his chest. “..I..I will go to sleep now!” He rushes to his bedroom after said that, tried to ignore other’s snicker.

Jinyoung can’t sleep. He lays on his bed for hours but still fully awake. The crystal eyes glare up to the moonlight outside the windows until his phone flashes a light to distract his attention.

Mark messages him that he can’t sleep too. Jinyoung read but doesn’t answer. Mark types that he will call him. And within 3 seconds after that, his phone rings

Jinyoung shyly smiles then hangs up. “Problem?”

(“I can’t sleep.”)

“Then go back to your home.”

(“No way. This is the first time we’re sleeping together. I will cherish it.”)

“Idiot,” Jinyoung murmurs and Mark chuckles

(“Will you really let me sleep on sofa? It’s so cold here.”)

“I’ve told you to go back”

(“Don’t you know I’m stubborn?”)

I know – know best. You’re so stubborn that I can’t control anything even my heart.

“I can’t do neither.”

(“Nope, you can”) He says, (“Open the door please. I’m standing in front of your room.”)

Jinyoung frowns and rushes to open the door. His hand still hold a line. Mark too, standing there with his smiley face.

“Can you give me a goodnight kiss?” He asks. Jinyoung doesn’t answer, but the boy knows the silent is already a permission. The distance between them is getting close when Mark leans his lips to Jinyoung’s. The younger automatically closes his eyes, let himself feels the hot breath from other. And-


Before their lips touch, Coco suddenly barks out loud and completely breaks the spell down. Jinyoung snickers while Mark is frowning. The boy places him a soft kiss at his redden cheek then moves to the eye. Every touch leaves him breathless. The younger opens up his eyes, sees other gently swipes his hair away. Mark is so sweet both heart and action. The captain boy decides to leave every suspicion behind and lean his cheek to that warm palm.

“Goodnight.” Mark whispers,

and Jinyoung knows that he will have the sweetest dream ever even he doesn’t fall asleep, yet.

– TBC –

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