Jinyoung opens his eyes.

He takes half of minute to bring his mind back. Round eyes glare at ceiling in his own room while thinking about what has just happened. He got a strange dream. In his dream, Jinyoung was playing football at the club when Yugyeom told him that someone wanted to meet him. After that, he was taken away by the stranger who he never seen before. Furthermore, he was stolen kisses as well. That guy said that he liked him and drove him home. Ah yeah, his name was Mark Tuan; charming and wealthy.

Jinyoung blinks his eyes while thinking about his dream. He never dreamt like this serious before. Why?

“I must be tired.” He murmurs, lifts his blanket away. His athlete legs touch the tile-floor. The cold wakes him up better. He stretches, grabs the towel toward and walks to the toilet. But his attention is disturbed by the phone first.

His tiny mobile vibrates on the desk which Jinyoung just turns to. The screen shows unfamiliar number. His heart is beating faster like others people when are forced to talk to the stranger. Every man has his own comfort zone. For Jinyoung, saving other’s number in his phone is one of his comfort zone. At least he can guess what he has to face when picks up the line.

Last year after losing a traditional football game with another university, Jinyoung still remember that he was called and cursed by students and alumni who obsessed football so bad. He bared that unreasonable hatred for a few days before changing his private number. Damn it. Those idiots thought that match was as great as rugby competition between Yale and Harvard? Most of Koreans didn’t even know this traditional existed! They kept talking about dignity that he wanted to throw up.

Until now, Jinyoung usually avoids the strange number. He admits that bad moment has a lot of effect on him and the way he lives. It’s a bad joke that those people don’t even know what they have done to him. They left him a big scar and walked away like nothing had happened. He has to survive all this pain by his own. There’s no equal in this world, but no one properly understand it as much as the hurt one.

The ring is cut off. Jinyoung looks at his phone for a moment. Seem like that one gives up to contact him already and he has no reason to call back too. He turns back and walks to a toilet again. During his shower time, the phone vibrates again. This time it’s not a call, but sms from the same number;

‘Hey wake up! I’ll be at your home in ten minutes. Get yourself ready. I want to buy breakfast at food truck near your village before we go to uni, 

– Mark – ’

The kiss robber in Jinyoung’s dream just send his exist evidence at 07.43 A.M.

Jinyoung thinks he himself is not that small, being a captain of football team can guarantee his strength enough. So, he is surprised pretty much that he loses for Mark once again. Must confess that he was totally shocked when he walked down to the kitchen and saw Mark was talking to his mama. Jinyoung rubbed his eyes again and again until his mama told him to stop. Mama didn’t know! He just saw a guy’d walked from his dream to the reality. Plus that idiot still smirked at him. What the hell was going on?

“You are 20 minutes late,”

“What?” Jinyoung repeated, couldn’t catch up what that boy said since he’d lost his mind to his dream again. Mark came into his house easily with a special card named ‘Jinyoung’s sunbaenim’. Just like that, Mama gave him her best hospitality. Mark was super eloquent. He knew best how to talk to the older. He took only ten minutes to make his mom loved him from the way he pleased her. Mark rapidly became her new son while Jinyoung was still dizzy and confusing. Mama even asked him to has a breakfast – without asking him like she used to – before leaving. He wasn’t sure now who the real son was.

Nobody was as cunning as Mark!

“I say you are 20 mins late. Don’t get my sms?” The driver mutters.

Jinyoung raises his brow confusingly. He picks his phone from his jean’s back pocket and checks it. His face looks much more serious when he saw the message. “Where do you get my number?”

“Not important.” The older heedlessly replies. His eyes look straight to the packed road.

“It is!” He raises his voice to emphasise the importance, nearly shout. “I will find and kick that bastard’s ass. It should be me who decide whom I want to give a number to. Not his own business at all. How dare him butt in my life?”

“Easy. You should even thanks that one for bringing me to your life.”

“You must be fucking insane.” Jinyoung rolls his eyes, arms cross.

“Don’t you remember I ask you to stop swearing?”

“It’s intimate,” He shrugs. “And every man says that. I don’t see any problem from talk like this.”

Mark glimpses then says, “Let do that. You will be intimate to my mouth soon.”

The older’s threat makes him presses his lips automatically as the milky cheeks suddenly turn red. There’s not any conversation between them anymore. Like both of them get lose in their own mind. Then Jinyoung asks Mark to stop him by the front gate in twenty minutes later. The guy wants to refuse, but he seriously pleads him. Jinyoung is not ready to let anybody see him with Mark. He sighs in relief after another one drives away. He cheers himself up by saying. “Come on, Jinyoung-ah.”

The last time he is glanced like this is when he shot his own goal in the opening match of university’s sports game. From hero to betrayer, the Crappy Park was born since that. But this is so awkward. The league hasn’t started yet. Why do they still see him with those weird eyes? Not only 2-3 students, but most of them. What’s happening again?

“Hey dudes, our star comes this way.” Shouted Jaebum when he finally arrives to his faculty.

Jinyoung frowns, “What’s that fucking star man?”

“Shh ~ be polite please or I will kiss you then.” Jaebum teases then chuckles. His other friends start snicker too.

The captain boy feel a bit shocked. He asks his friends, eyes wide. “What do you mean?”

“Just only kiss? Nothing else like.. — at back seat?” Junhoe whistles with annoying face.

Jinyoung already know what has happened. He goes straight immediately. “What do you know? And how the hell do you know!?”

“Someone gossips that you went out with Mark yesterday. Finally there’s a guy sees how cute your legs are. Hahah- hey hey stop!”

Jinyoung angrily points at Jaebum’s face, puts his hand down. He continues, voice serious. “I ask how do you know?”

Jaebum looks pale after saw how serious his friend is. He mutters, “Someone leaked your conversation about the situation last night. I saw the captured chat.”

Jinyoung presses his lips. His temperature is boiling. There’s no one else but the badass KIM YUGYEOM! He suddenly realises why those girls looked at him like that. “Shit!” He swears, hands shake in furious. Then the boy turns back and walks away without listening to his friends’ bawl. He has something to do now; something like shoots someone down – someone like Mark.

“Where are you going?” The baritone voice louden as his wrist is gripped. Jinyoung bewildered glares back before start getting mad again when he realises who is grabbing him. He shouts, “Put your hand out!”

Mark sighs, voice low. “How many time do I have to tell you about manner? I don’t like the roisterer. And I’m your hyung if you can’t remember. ”

“I do, but I won’t call people like you hyung certainly.” He firmly says, “And if you can’t remember I’ve been like this for so long, before we met, before you fucking butted in my life.”

The older still looks calm. He is trying hard not to roll his eyes. Then says, “We’re dating now. Can’t you do me a favor?”

Date? What’s the heck happening again!?

“I don’t interested in any man on earth! Let go of my hand before I punch at your face!” He threats, trying to flick his hand out of another’s. But Mark is surprisingly strong. 

“Jinyoung! Stop!” Mark blusters, eyes fierce. He takes a deep breath then mutters, “We need to talk.”

The younger stands still immediately. He swallows. Then pretending he isn’t fear other one, chin up. “Leave my hand first.”

Mark follows his ask eventually, brows raise as he continues questioning. “Don’t you have a class at 9 A.M.? Where will you go?”

Jinyoung amazed looks at him, “You even know my schedule? Gosh..” If Mark said that he was a stalker, He would accept undoubtedly. 

“So, where are you going then.” He repeats, but the younger is still shocked. He even forget that he was planning to knock the other down. Mark frowns, “Jinyoung-ah.”

“You are very scary, Mark.” His soft voice leaves his lips.

“But there’s something scarier.”


“Horror movie.” He giggles, “Plan to skip a class right? So let’s go to the cinema.” By his own decision, Mark takes Jinyoung to his car again without listening to the younger’s protest, amongst people’s suspicious gaze. This is the beginning of their strange relation.


Mark appears at his home again in next morning.

Like yesterday, he lively talks to his mom while eating a slice of apple. Jinyoung start wondering whose house this is. “Why are you here again?” Do not even expect a morning greet from him! He shoots him an unpleasant gaze while sitting on his seat, opposite the other’s. He’s still mad at him for forcing him to see the horror movie yesterday. Jinyoung can’t sleep all night long. 

“Watch your words, baby.” Mama complains, hand him a breakfast.

“It’s alright mama. Every guys talk like this. No one says something sweet.”

“I am,” Mark butts in, grin widely. “And I really like when you kindly talk to me. So lovely.”

He rolls his eyes and silently shouts back; ‘Go away!’. Mark can’t help but let out the little giggle.

“So Mark, how do you know Jinyoung?” Mrs.Park gives her attention back to her brand new son again. Jinyoung thanks her in his mind for questioning the same thing he still wonders.

“Who don’t know captain Park, mama?” He beams to her, turning his eyes to his. “I am your child’s fan club. I accidentally knew that Jinyoung used to get a serious disease, but he could made it through until he’s strong enough to be the athlete. I admire him a lot.”

Jinyoung can’t read him at all.

Mark’s eyes are calm and sincere that he doesn’t know what’s on his mind. The older seems like an alien who warped in his life unconsciously. Jinyoung keeps thinking about this guy for two nights. But the more he thinks, the more headache he gets. He’s sure that he never known him before. No any story embed in his head even a little thing.

Who is Mark?

“Jinyoung was sick since a baby. So, mama prayed to Goddess of mercy and gave him to be her son. He seemed better from that time.”

“Goddess of mercy” Mark mutters then smiles widely, eyes bright. “Mama, Can I have a breakfast at your home every day? Exchange with taking Jinyoung to the school and bring him home.”

Mrs.Park chuckles and softly touches the boy’s face, “Why not? Jinyoung always makes me worried from coming home so late.”

“So you two make a deal without asking my permission again.” He tries to suppress. Feeling annoyed that he can’t take any bread more.

“It’s very good to has Mark here. There’s only you and I in this home. I won’t be lonely then.” Her excuse shuts him up. Since he starts joining the club, he has less time for her obviously. He knows best how lonely she is. The captain buries some feelings in his chest, admit that his mama looks happier in years. He murmurs, “Alright.”

“Finish yet? So quickly leave. You’re about to late.” She encourages, eyes bright. Mark kisses her cheek then carry Jinyoung’s bag. The younger feel uncomfortable by that action. Mark treats him like a little girl who need to be pleased in every steps, but he’s too tired to fight with him since the morning. Mark drops Jinyoung again at the front gate. Jinyoung slowly walk to his building while thinking about the other.

“Park Jinyoung, let’s talk.” A girl suddenly appears in front of him. He frown, surely confident that he doesn’t know who she is. He asks, “What’s up?”

“I’ve heard the rumour about you and Mark Tuan.” Clear. That idiot again. She continues, “Are you both dating?”


“I saw a chat. You said that you were kissed.”

“So what?”

That girl seems furious. “If you aren’t dating, why he kissed you? sex friend? but my Mark doesn’t look like a gay at all.”

My Mark? Jinyoung now grins, feels a bit fun. “Who knows.”

She looks like to slap his face, but too afraid to do that. So she leaves with angry mumble, “Just wait!”

The captain laughs out in joy. Does that girl read too much dramatic novel? Is she just acting like a jealous character toward to him who get loved by a male main character? W-Wait! Jinyoung is not that silly female one! This novel ain’t got that character!

“Hey!” He turns back and immediately close his eyes when someone splashes the water to his face. He glares at them doubtfully. Those girls giggle, one of them holds a mobile case which screened by Mark’s picture. It’s not fun anymore. His temperature is boiling now. He steps forward, aims to talk to them. But he is stopped by someone before. “Jinyoung no!”

Mark is there, looking good as usual. He seems calm than the younger. By that, Jinyoung finds himself angrier. 

“Troublemaker!” He shouts, “Go and tell your girls that stop playing around me because you and I aren’t fucking on date!”

“You’re just furious Jinyoung-ah. Come with me. Your whole body is wet.”

“What the hell! Let me go!” Jinyoung tries to flick his wrist from being held again. But just like he’d told before, Mark is way too strong. You can’t estimate him by looking outside at all.

“I got the highest level of Taegwondo. And I’m learning boxing now. Stop being stubborn, kid!”

Actually Jinyoung is not the type of using a violence to solve a problem. So, he decides to follow Mark to his car silently. Hey hey who says he’s afraid of that idiot! 

He’s just too tired!

When the door is closed behind, Mark pushes him to the wall and gives him a deep kiss for those unlovely words. Jinyoung drops down on his knees again when the boy leaves his mouth and walks inside. Five kisses in few days. Anyone want to challenge? 

“Jinyoung, come in.” Mark calls him as if he is a dog. He rolls his eyes, heart still beats real fast, ignores other’s order. The older seems know his mind. He adds, “If you don’t come, I won’t stop at kissing then.” By those words, the boy rush to him in seconds. Can’t hate himself more. 

Mark’s condominium is really large. His wealth is no joke. The younger looks around the living room, feel excited. The owner hands him a towel, “Go shower. Your head is wet. I don’t want you to be sick.”

Jinyoung hates the way Mark forces him. He stands still, refuses to follow. “No clothes to change.”

“You can wear mine.”

“Never,” He shakes his head. “That’s weird.”

Actually, Jinyoung doesn’t mind to use other’s stuff, especially with his buddies. However, when he imagines he is embraced by Mark’s clothes, his cheeks seem unbelievably hot.

“It’s not weird. You are my lover. Why so serious?”

“M-Me what! Go away pervert!” He shakily shouts out, cheeks turn red. The younger runs to the toilet, trying hard to ignore Mark’s following question; ‘Are you shy sweetie?’

How is he supposed to reply?

Because – Hell yeah – he is.

– TBC –

So let’s guess who Mark is…



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