MERCILESS | 01. The Mysterious Boy




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Pissed off.

and if you don’t know, it’s in extreme level.

‘Park Jinyoung’, head of university football club, is in a mood to kick somebody’s ass. And it better be that ‘Mark Tuan’ who causing him a terrible problem. Since the boy said that he was interested and wanted to date him, Jinyoung found out there was no place to walk in the university anymore. He immediately get hated by many many girls who were that idiot’s fans – unsurprisingly. 


So boring. Because that boy is handsome, popular, smart and wealthy. Jinyoung may say Mark has all properties that every cheesy novels’ male should has. For more dramatic, that novel must has a girl who is completely different from him.

Sorry to say that this novel ain’t got any kind of that character.

Because Park Jinyoung is not worse than Mark, not any piece and bit. He is a captain of football club Nobody doesn’t know him. Who will? Especially after he has led the team losing in every the first match throughout 3 years of being captain. In stead of calling him Cap Park, they gave him a cute alias: Crappy Park. Jinyoung just realised how effective social network was that time when the alias was spread widely and rapidly. Nobody doesn’t know Crappy Park.

Jinyoung didn’t know that since when Mark started knowing him, but one day in the evening after a hard training, Yugyeom came to him and told that somebody awaited outside. He raised his brows in confusion, thought that one might be a little cute girl, but he was totally wrong. He found a guy leaned to his luxury car. He was looking so good. But the way he glared back was a bit annoying. 

“Hey,” He greeted, voice low as much as he could. “Yugyeom said that you wanted to see me. Any problem?” 

Mark looked at him from head to toe then nodded. That action made Jinyoung felt unsatisfied. “What the hell is that glance?”

“Why you don’t take a shower before come to see me? Don’t you know a basic manner for living in social?”


He was stunned, like got hooked at chin with a heavy punch. Was him just thought about a manner by a stranger? A guy like Jinyoung? Hey! Seriously?

He didn’t manage to reply anything back. That guy shrugged his shoulders and pushed him into his car without asking. Jinyoung was shocked then yelling after a stranger started an engine and drove forward. “What the heck!? And who the fuck are you!!?”

That stranger cast him a side-eye and asked, “You don’t know me?”

“Why on earth I have to know you idiot?” He really meant that. Why people like him had to know a guy who got a perfect face, luxury car and blamed him about manner since the very first sentence. He didn’t even introduce himself or at least said hello. Who was lack of manner?

“I’m Mark, Mark Tuan. Studying Architecture, senior year.”

“Mark Tuan?” Jinyoung repeated, wondering. This name sounded familiar, but after trying to think and found nothing. He gave up to know who this Arch student was. Then he asked more, “So, why you bring me out, idiot?”

“Are we close enough to say an impolite word?” The driver murmured.

Jinyoung glared at Mark with extremely confusing eyes before let the laugh out. “Hey guy, are you fucking serious? And are we close enough that you can get me in your car with asking a permission? Idiot,

Mark pressed his lips, but still kept acting cool. “But at least you should talk with me politely.”

“Do I have to? With a guy who condemned me since the first time? No way.”

Mark suddenly turned his car to the sidewalk. Jinyoung swore under his breath and looked at him, asking for an explanation. But all he had was Mark’s face that came closer to his. Jinyoung laid back until the glass touched his back – can’t escape anymore. His heart was beating faster when Mark harmfully shortened the distance between their noses. They were that close until the younger smelt the scent of ‘Armani Mania’ from other boy.

Mark looked scary.

His eyes locked Jinyoung down at his seat like the knocked-fish. Mark’s light perfume which mixed with sweat gave Jinyoung a very strange feeling. It was masculine scent. The scent that only found in male. Jinyoung’s head went blank while Mark was still coming up closer. He could felt the hot breathe against his cheek, almost being kissed. The younger automatically pressed his lips and close his eyes, waiting for any dangerous thing to happen, but, it didn’t. Mark just buckled Jinyoung up.

He immediately opened the eyes in surprise. Must confessed that his imagine has gone wild. So, since Mark had done nothing, Jinyoung’d found out it felt so weird right now. He ignored Mark who still shot him an amusing gaze. Didn’t dare enough to let the guy know how crazily his heart was beating right now.

Damn it!

If you asked his friend how many percentage that Jinyoung would be gay, it’d had been definitely zero. But – yep damn it – he just felt something weird in his chest by looking at another boy’s lips. Something almost near excited. Jinyoung had no choice but pretended to be mad to conceal his true feeling.  He lifted his clenched-fist up, but Mark was way faster. That boy caught his hands and pinned them at the glass behind.

“Fuck! Let go of my hands!”

“Look! If you still swear, next time I won’t stop at your cheek anymore.” Mark groaned in his throat, dangerously grinned back at him. His canine made him looked even hotter.

Jinyoung tried to break out. However, the more he wriggled, the more Mark’s hands gripped his tighter. He was getting realize why people called him Crappy Park. Just tried to flee from a small guy he still could not. Didn’t think about battling with other team in a field.

He burst out eventually when he still got tied. “What the fuck is this! Leave me bastard!”

“Such a stubborn boy.” Mark shook his head, voice low and full of command.

But it’s him, Park Jinyoung, who never obeyed anyone before. Did you think he would listen to the stranger easily? Of course not! He glared at him and asked. “Why? What can idiot like you do to me?”

Some story had ended up with a stubborn boy was punished by being kissed countlessly. Okay, Jinyoung would remember this until his last breath!

Then Mark drove him home safely. He seemed to know everything about Jinyoung. If he really did know how many Pokemon dolls in his bed, he swore he would not be surprised at all. Jinyoung looked into Mark’s eyes and slowly shook his head. He knew nothing about him except ‘He was Mark, handsome, rich, studying architecture, a year older than him and very good at kiss’ (Could he roll his eyes at the last one? He still felt the older’s saliva in his mouth. Lame.

“You’re home.” Mark said by his tender voice, but Jinyoung still didn’t make a move. The older raised his brows, “Won’t you get off?”

“Idi- Err – You don’t tease me with a hidden camera, right?” Jinyoung nearly called him with slang. But then the previous punishment popped up in his head.

Mark grinned, “Why?”

“Don’t you know!?” Mark’s emotionless reply made him angrier, “Okay I know. I’m suck. I am being bluffed by Jackson from Basketball team all the time that my team is suck like me. But the way you pay me back is too much Mark! I can’t accept it!”

Mark looked confused with those words, brows frown. “What do you mean?”

“Damn! Okay, then answer these questions. Why you came to me at the club, dragged me out and shut me up with your lips? What do these mean!?” He was mad. Extremely mad. To be honest, he still didn’t understand what had happened to his life. It’s only one hour but he felt like a year. He’s too tired now. “Somebody hired you to tease me because I’m a Crappy Park, right? How much does he pay? I will give you double then. But you must quickly runaway from my life, Okay?”

Then Mark started laughing. Jinyoung tried to shut him up with his grumpy gaze, “Laugh for what!”

“It’s so right to choose you.”

Choose what? He didn’t get it. But when he opened his month, Mark was asking faster. “Jinyoung isn’t interested in a guy, right?”

His question was easier than kindergarten’s test. He replied firmly. “Totally yes!”

“That’s alright,” He chuckled, both eyes and lips were smiley. “You will like me then.”

“Why do I have to like you idiot!?” Mark’s punishment had a very strong effect on the younger. Jinyoung suddenly covered his month with his palm after realizing he just swore out. Mark leaned closer, not as much as before but still close enough to scent his perfume. He muttered an answer that gave Jinyoung goosebumps.

“Because your heart is mine,”

After pressed an enter bottom, there were many result about Mark. Jinyoung clicked a link that show about a mysterious boy’s profile first. His eyes skimmed through those letters with up beat heart rate. Then he realised why Mark had wondered that he didn’t know him. Mark Tuan was a popular model. Not only in university, every girls in social network liked him a lot. He even used to be a cover of teen’s magazines.

A famous model like that liked a guy? And that guy he liked was the guy who never interested in any guy before. This was crazy. Jinyoung sighed and turned off computer. It might be a dream or someone must teased him certainly. During lost himself in his mind, the notification sound of chatting application rang. He reached his hand to the phone. It’s from Yugyeom.

(‘Hey hyung. Everything’s ok?’)

‘As if.’ also sent a lot of angry emotion stickers.

(‘Hmm, I should have noticed that. You didn’t come back and even left your bag in locker. What happened?)

Yugyeom also asked the same question in his mind, What happened?

(‘Answer me! Don’t only read it.’)

‘That bastard dragged me to the car and drove me home. The weird thing is I don’t fucking know him.’ He replied, omitted some part that he didn’t want to let his bro know.

(‘Eh? I think you know each other.’) A boy sent back with a cute confusing bear sticker, (‘Sound strange’)

‘Very strange.’

(‘He just drove you home? Nothing besides that?’) Yugyeom started investigating, but Jinyoung didn’t feel like to answer more. (‘Hyung, I’m you little bro. You can tell me everything. So we can solve the problems in time.’)

By those words, all the things in his heart leaked out. Jinyoung told him everything even the third kiss Mark bit his lower lip, and when he finished stories, a close bro just typed that (‘Umm calm down hyung’) plus load of sad bear stickers. Jinyoung was tired so much with everything that had just happened. He bit him a goodbye and went to sleep without showering.

The Crappy Park didn’t know that during his sleep, their chat between Yugyeom and him was sent to many others from the sassy boy in his football club. All members in a team that knew their captain was too adorable. If there was a guy wanted to date him, they would not be surprised. Until this day came, and that guy was an unexpected person, it’s Mark Tuan. Mark Tuan who was at top ten in every girls in university wanted to date with. Mark Tuan who got a thousand of choices but still picked up their hyung.

It wasn’t easy to keep a good news to themselves at all.

– TBC –

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