MarkJin | 3 Minutes

3 Minutes
Mark / Jinyoung





You only have 3 minutes making Mark to fall for.


Nobody can do that. Not even a wizard; nor superstar. This time is too short to make it happen for real.

10 secs pass while you are blaming Jackson, the rule creator.

Heart beats so fast against your chest. The hour hand seems run faster than before. You are completely nervous, can’t figure the way out to get an attention from the hottest guy in class, yet. What a game!

“Do what you boasted man. Pay all bills if you lose.” shouted Jackson

You turn around and wince back. Haven’t decided yet who is worse; between you, that so much confident in own sex appeal, and your friend, who never trust you and want to play a game called ‘Park Jinyoung’s charming test’. Idiots. They just want to tease you. However, it’s you again, who let every silly things happen since you can’t revoke a word. You are Jinyoung. And you know that every girls bet anything for dating you just an hour. That’s you. That’s the way Park Jinyoung has always been.


That works with a girl. Your mission for tonight is a guy. For more strain, not any ordinary simple guy. He’s Mark Tuan, every girls’ top of mind. There’s no way to win a challenge in time.

10 seconds flow by when you end up can’t make your mind, still.  So, you take a deep breath to cheer yourself up. And-

“Mark” you mutter, voice shaking. The boy that shivers here is completely not you! The confident one has gone since you step out.

Mark puts down his drink and glares back. He takes a bit time before recognize you. Well, although you are classmate, both of you used to talk once; a very small talk to be honest. Mark’s got nothing to do with a guy like you. He’s hot, smart and always filled by people around. To say the truth, you are literally opposite. (except you’re hot either, but in another way.)

“What’s going on?” He asks, eyes bright.

What’s going on? yeah, you want to know too what on earth is going on! Can you ask him directly to fall in love with you in 1 minute? Great, let’s do it. No doubt that your face would be punched right there after secs.

“Anything wrong Jinyoung?”Jaebum who sit next to Mark repeats, brows raised.

Time is still taking a step back. You huff a sigh, ready to pay your friends the drinks.

What you are forcing to do is extremely difficult. There’s no way to win. But at the second you decide to give up, Mark softly pats your forehead. You are stunned. No word leaves your mouth.

He moves closer. You find it’s hard to breathe with this short distance.  His eyes are so bright under the night light. Maybe Mark has a magic.

“Not that heat. Drunk?” Mark warmly grin back.

That warmth…

What the hell! His aura strongly attacks you. 5 points for his handsomeness, but 100 out of 10 for being such a gentleman. This is the first time you think your classmate is fascinated.
42 seconds left.

“Mark, Am I handsome?” What the heckkkkk! PARK JINYOUNG! You just ask the one who much more handsome than yourself if you are handsome!

You want to jump off from the tower right now to run away from this awkward question. Your face turns red. Even you heart seems beating faster. You maybe get sick at this time.

Mark puts his hand down, still wondering with the question. “Sorry, but I think you are way prettier. Like very very pretty”

His answer takes you high. Your body is a bit shaking.

last 30 seconds.

“Why ask me like this?”

“Nothing.” You finally give up again. Mark is too good to play with. You may be treated by friends for 3 days from now on because of your brag. Whatever… There will be another game to revenge. So, you bid him a goodbye. “I gotta go back. Bye.”



“Want to kiss me?”

Your eyes widely open when Mark says that. “W..What!?”

Mark points at your friends who are sitting at the behind table. Jackson is standing on the chair, showing his iPad that write ‘Kiss Jinyoung’ on the screen.

Well, your friends really love you.

“Is it a game?” asked Mark, seems understand the situation more.

You exhale and nod. “I have 3 minutes to make you love me.”

Mark grins again when he hears the word ‘love’. Then he asks. “How many time left?”

You look at your hand swatch. The digit rapidly decrease. “10 seconds”

“Do you think we can fall in love just in one kiss?”


Mark tugs you closer. His hand is on your wrist and his breath is against your cheek. “Prove it.”

You are shocked at first then excited when Mark’s lips are about to touch yours. The table is completely turned when you are no longer the one who dominate, Mark already becomes a King in a chess board and you step down to be his bishop. You realize that why this guy is so hot. He really has a beast inside.


From a cat, Mark turns to be the lion in a blink of an eye. The way he looks at you is too sexy and seductive to take your eyes off.


“Come on. Kiss me.” He murmurs. You still do nothing. But there’s no time left.


“Wanna lose?”
Your heart is fluttering hard in your chest. His eyes, his voice, his touch. Everything that was consisted to be him makes you totally insane. His charming is hard to resist.




“Time out!” shouted Jackson. “Jinyoung, you lost!”


Yes, you are.
Because Mark makes you fall in love with him easily in ten seconds.





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